varistor disc matching

Our expertise enables us to manufacture varistors capable of absorbing and discharging many megajoules.

Protecting and optimising high energy industries.

Unique Manufacturing Process

Metrosil is trusted to protect against and optimise high energy. Our unique disc matching ability enables our technical experts to design varistor assemblies capable of handling kilojoules to megajoules. In-house testing facilities and our unique High Energy Test Laboratory (HETL) are key to varistor disc matching. During manufacture we test each disc individually and match them with discs that yield similar properties. Once assembled, the discs are tested to their maximum ratings by HETL. The result is an optimised varistor assembly that balances the flow of current and energy across all discs.

Metrosil Varistor being High Energy Tested
Side View of Metrosil 9000 Series Varistor Assembly

A Modular Approach

The modularity of our varistor assemblies means that high energy requirements can be met accordingly. The higher the energy value, the more Metrosil assemblies necessary. This enhances high energy absorption and discharge capabilities. A modular approach also enables us to provide our customers with the most cost-effective solution. This is because the number of discs necessary are always kept to a minimum.

Our design and manufacturing expertise is backed by a dedicated Customer Service team. Please contact them to discuss your high energy absorption and discharge requirements.

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