Metrosil Webinar: Protecting Current Transformers Against Open Circuit Conditions

Metrosil will be hosting a live 20-minute webinar on the 15th June 2022 to look at the impact of open circuit conditions on current transformers and how some methods of protection may not always be suitable, or sufficient, to avoid the damage and operational continuity of the high-value assets they protect.

How will attendees benefit?

Using industry expertise and reference points, attendees will hopefully gain a different perspective on protecting current transformers and enable them to assess if proposed or existing solutions are fit for purpose.

They will also find out more about relevant IEEE best practice and how to correctly specify varistor CTPUs from the original designers Metrosil, as an integral part of improving current transformer protection frameworks.

Hosted by our team of experts, the session will also conclude with a live Q&A.

Who should attend?

This session will be essential viewing for Protection Engineers, Plant Engineers, Substation Engineers, Electronics Designers and Protection Design Engineers – including DNOs and OEMs who are looking to improve business continuity of assets and services.

To register your place, please click on the session details below.

Please click here to register your place! (Wednesday 15th June 2022: 1pm BST)