Metrosil introduces new range of De-Excitation non-linear resistors

Metrosil, the world leader in silicon carbide non-linear resistors (called varistors) today announced the launch of its new range of De-Excitation Units – the “Metrosil 8000 Series”, designed to protect large electrical generators. The all-new 8000 Series (protected by Registered Design) has been developed around an improved ergonomic structure, an industry first, providing not only protection for the varistor discs, but also simplifying the installation of the units. Another unique feature is the inclusion of a high energy test certificate with every 8000 Series unit, providing proof that the varistors perform as required. De-Excitation varistors protect electricity generating equipment (for example in hydropower and nuclear installations) from the damaging effects of powerful high energy surges.

8000 Series features include:

  • Protective bar to prevent accidental disc damage
  • Anti-tamper device to ensure unit integrity
  • Ergonomic handles for easy carrying and installation
  • Robust, easy-access connection points
  • Range of standard footprints enables consistent installation
  • Nameplate –permanently  displays the unit’s specification details
  • Each unit shipped with certification of high energy testing
  • Clearly labelled with High Energy Test “Pass” badge

James O’Brien, Metrosil’s Product Group Director, commented “Metrosil constantly innovates and responds to customer feedback. With its new design, anti-tamper and ergonomic features, the 8000 Series is a more robust, long-lasting product. All Metrosil excitation products are tested to 100% of its specification – it’s part of what makes us unique in the industry, and we’re thrilled to launch another Metrosil first for the power generation industry.”

The Metrosil commercial team will be showing the 8000 Series at industry trade shows and also to individual utilities and power generation companies. To arrange a Metrosil 8000 Series visit, please contact us.