Introducing The High Energy Test Laboratory (HETL)

Rated up to 2,000 Volts, 8,000 Amps and 2 MegaJoules, HETL’s role in the high energy testing process is the key to Metrosil reliability. Metrosil’s Product Director, James O’Brien, says, “We refer to HETL as our very own on-site power station. With HETL we are able to run very high levels of energy through our de-excitation units – levels far beyond those likely to be encountered in their operating environment. This instils generator OEMs and suppliers with confidence, as they know their reputation is safe with us – their generators will withstand the ratings specified at purchase as proof of performance. Consequently, the confidence this gives to power utility companies is invaluable, as Metrosil will protect their generator assets when problems arise with minimal disruption to power supply.”

HETL’s importance is becoming clearer as greater demands are placed on the energy industry to ensure the reliable delivery of electricity in-line with the needs of a growing population. With HETL, Metrosil guarantees that each de-excitation unit will quickly and safely clamp overvoltages.

“HETL was developed in direct response to market needs,” says Metrosil’s Product Development Manager, Ian Rowley. “We know that Metrosil units are called upon to protect many of the world’s largest hydropower plants – so we needed a way to prove they would perform under extreme surge conditions. Even with 80 years’ of manufacturing excellence and a proven track record, we were determined to go the extra mile to prove our capability. HETL is the result of that process and the response from our customers has been extremely positive.”

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