Dr. Jeff Robertson Presents Poster at DPSP 2018

Dr. Jeff Robertson recently presented a poster at the 14th International Conference on Developments in Power System Protection (the DPSP Forum, 2018). It is the only bespoke conference and forum in the UK for industry experts, academics and business leaders to meet, publish results and share knowledge in the power system protection and control systems sector.

The poster was based on Dr. Robertson’s technical paper entitled “A Comparison of Current Transformer Secondary Open Circuit Protection System Technologies”. This paper compares Metrosil CTPU’s with Leutron spark gap technology via a test circuit, and concludes that Metrosil silicon carbide varistors are the superior choice for reliable protection of CT’s during open circuit conditions – especially when voltage across a CT exceeds 2kVpk (such as in class X CT’s, as used in high impedance relay schemes). The poster illustrated the testing process and findings – highlighting that Metrosil CTPU’s do not exhibit ageing, RF noise, and are ideal for installation in areas with high ambient temperatures.

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