Event monitor

The Metrosil 8000 Series and optional Event Monitor provide the safest excitation rotor energy discharge system.

Together, they provide continuous monitoring of a de-excitation system’s condition.


Monitor Performance - Anytime

Once fitted with an Event Monitor, an 8000 Series assembly is tested to its specified energy rating by our unique High Energy Test Laboratory (HETL), which establishes the assembly’s performance ratings. The results are detailed within a test certificate that ships with every assembly. During testing the energy profile of the assembly is also recorded. This data is stored centrally at M&I Materials and programmed into the Event Monitor in non-volatile memory. The microprocessor in the Event Monitor is then able to compare the original energy profile with the energy profile in service – meaning that any significant unexpected deviations can be communicated.

High Energy Testing

Metrosil de-excitation varistors are designed to absorb very large amounts of electrical energy in challenging electrical environments. All of our de-excitation products are tested to their full rated energy specification prior to dispatch via our purpose-built High Energy Test Laboratory (HETL). However, once our products are installed, it is impossible to carry out further high energy testing. Our customers install our products and rely on them for many decades to protect their generators; naturally they want re-assurance that their de-excitation assemblies are fully functional. The Event Monitor is the perfect solution and provides Protection Engineers with much needed peace of mind.

Peace of Mind

The Event Monitor enables Metrosil 8000 Series users to compare energy discharges through the assembly over a given period of time. This makes 24/7 monitoring a reality and ensures that any deviations in performance are communicated well in advance, which not only lowers maintenance costs, but also reduces the overall cost of ownership of the 8000 Series. Combined, the 8000 Series and Event Monitor provide total peace of mind to users, who can rest assured knowing that their assets are fully protected with round the clock performance monitoring.


Download our product brochure and information sheet for more details about the Metrosil 8000 Series and Event Monitor.

  • Optional extra for Metrosil 8000 Series - also retrofittable to Metrosil 8000 Series installed in the field (removable top bar facilitates installation of Event Monitor)
  • Utilises resilient electronics, designed for use under extreme conditions
  • Optic fibre network for electromagnetic compliance
  • Integrates into modern SCADA systems and other monitoring and control systems
  • Provides remote monitoring of Metrosil performance
  • Reassures Metrosil assemblies are performing to their original design
  • Compares events between discharges
  • Alarm outputs to four possible pre-set states
  • Enables users to log events over time

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