High Energy Absorption

Bespoke solutions designed to maximise energy absorption.

All Metrosil assemblies are designed to absorb above their specified ratings.

Varistor Manufacturing

We manufacture Metrosil high energy absorption varistors by mixing silicon carbide with a ceramic binder. This mix is pressed in a mould to make a disc shape and then sintered in closely controlled conditions. After sintering each disc face is 'metal-sprayed' so that good electrical contact will be achieved. Connections are made in two ways, either by clamping discs between metal plates, or, in smaller sized discs, by soldering wires to the metal-sprayed faces. Discs are then assembled as necessary.

The configuration of each varistor disc assembly will depend upon the application. The voltage, current and energy rating required by the client will dictate the grit used during binding, the number of varistor discs necessary and the diameter/thickness of each disc.

Metrosil Silicon Carbide Discs Stacked
Metrosil 8000 Series Varistor Assembly Being Tested by High Energy Test Laboratory

High Energy Testing

The non-linearity of silicon carbide, together with our varistor manufacturing process and testing abilities, is what makes high energy absorption possible. To optimise absorption, we test each Metrosil varistor disc prior to assembly so that we can ensure their electrical properties 'match'. Disc matching is an extremely important part of our manufacturing process, as it ensures that each disc within a varistor assembly will evenly share current and energy.

Our one-of-a-kind High Energy Test Laboratory (HETL) enables us to test disc assemblies to their specified voltage, current and energy rating. This process is unique to Metrosil and allows us to assure our clients that varistor assemblies will fully protect assets prior to them even leaving our site.

With disc matching and high energy testing, Metrosil can assure high energy absorption in the most cost-effective and space-saving manner.

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