Benefits of Metrosil Varistors

Where there is a need for high energy, there is a need for Metrosil.

Metrosil offers a wide range of high voltage silicon carbide varistors that provide high energy surge protection for large-scale electrical equipment. As high energy industries continue to develop, so too does the utility of our varistor discs.

Overvoltage Protection

Metrosil silicon carbide non-linear resistors provide superior overvoltage protection. When placed within an electrical circuit, a Metrosil varistor is passive until it detects an overvoltage. At this point the varistor clamps the voltage and discharges the high energy that has accumulated. Metrosil engineers expertly manufacture discs from silicon carbide. This expertise, together with the semi-conducting properties of silicon carbide, enables Metrosil to prevent overvoltages. Our unrivalled manufacturing process allows us to design bespoke overvoltage solutions – from kilojoules to megajoules. Metrosil varistors prevent dangerous overvoltages so that safety and power supply are never compromised.

Where there is a need for Overvoltage Protection, there is a need for Metrosil.

High Energy Absorption

Metrosil is trusted to absorb high energy for large infrastructural projects worldwide. Our unique disc matching ability optimises the intrinsic high energy capacity of silicon carbide, allowing us to deliver varistors with superior absorption qualities. Once assembled, each varistor is tested by Metrosil’s one-of-a-kind High Energy Test Laboratory (HETL), which is rated up to 2,000 volts, 8,000 amps and 2 megajoules. HETL assures our customers that their assets will be fully protected prior to the installation of their varistor solution. This unrivalled combination of manufacturing and testing enable us to absorb high energy for next-generation applications around the world.

Where there is a need for High Energy Absorption, there is a need for Metrosil.

Superfast Energy Discharge

In high energy applications, linear and non-linear resistors can be used to discharge high energy safely. However, non-linear resistors (such as Metrosil varistors) offer exceptional protection compared to their linear counterparts. This is because in non-linear resistors, voltage is not proportional to current - which is a key characteristic of silicon carbide. Consequently, Metrosil silicon carbide non-linear resistors are able to discharge high energy up to three times faster than linear resistors. The non-linearity of Metrosil varistors and the unique manufacturing process behind each varistor assembly ensure that asset integrity and safety are never compromised.

Where there is a need for Superfast Energy Discharge, there is a need for Metrosil.

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